WINNER of MBA 2010 Best Extension/Renovation over $500,000 (Southern)

Built originally as a chapel in 1887, the corner stone still lays part in the structure of the building. Construction methods have changed over this time. The original footings consisted of a 2 brick course footing, laid in top soil, therefore meaning the footing had to be underpinned. From this, the original walls of the church were on a lean of 95mm. So the whole house extension had to be matched to this 95mm, by marrying the new in with the old.

The entire church inside was guttered and the collar ties raised to enable for a loft above the kitchen. The original pine lining boards were in such a bad state of disrepair that they were replaced with western red cedar lining boards throughout.

Through a previously constructed bedroom area, an extension of a 3 storey loft was added, which include a 2 storey master bedroom and a 4 car garage under.

The original single garage was converted into a gymnasium which then links to an indoor, fully formed concrete swimming pool. A wide open living veranda links both the new master bedroom to the new indoor pool and terrace.

The landscaping starts with spotted gum gates held in place by recycled iron bark posts. The driveway was individually laid cobble stones, 200square metres throughout on a 100mm reinforcement concrete sub-grade.

Judges comments:

"The judges were impressed by this very difficult project that was extenuated by the age and design of the existing structure. A high degree of difficulty, including access, was experienced but the end result is very good.” Compliments of the MBA Judges